Gillibrand Tries to Scare Up Contributions By Using Giuliani, Pataki


With the Bush boogeymen out to pasture, even some prominent Democrats have had trouble raising money lately. Kirsten Gillibrand knows how to scare up cash, though. Today she sent out via the Gillibrand for Senate mailing list an appeal to our darkest fears:

“As you’ve no doubt heard, the Republican National Committee is targeting my seat heavily and trying its best to recruit their strongest candidates — George Pataki or Rudy Giuliani — to challenge me for this seat. Their political calculations will be affected by the support I show this quarter.”

George Pataki and Rudolph Giuliani! Good Christ, where do we send the money? Here, Gillibrand tells us — she’s pushing to make an impressive showing by today’s campaign finance report deadline, “a critical juncture in our campaign.”

Giuliani’s alleged Senatorial ambitions seem not as potent as they once were — especially with his guy losing his state GOP chairmanship bid — though he is beating Gillibrand in the polls. And we expect Pataki, despite some recent threats, will spend his waning days out in a pasture somewhere, chewing contentedly. But as long as there are dreams, there will also be nightmares. And you can’t work up liberal anxiety quite as well with Pete King.