Midtown Stabber Believed a Suicide


Cops thought they’d caught a break in Sunday’s midtown stabbing of Christopher Gutierrez when the suspect photographed by a tourist was ID’d as Sirmone McCaulla. But justice may have been cheated, as it is reported McCaulla has been found dead in the bathtub of his girlfriend’s Philadelphia apartment, a plastic bag over his head and a TV cable box on his chest. The circumstances suggest suicide, possibly by electrocution.

McCaulla had been identified from the tourist photo by a cop who had been with him in Kuwait, where the suspect served in the Army. McCaulla had subsequently been arrested for robbery and assault.

It is yet unknown whether McCaulla was in a suicidal frame of mind when he allegedly stabbed Gutierrez, or merely availed that means of escape as the net tightened on him; and, though speculation will be rampant over the next few days, will probably remain so.