Protest Over China-Red Empire State Building This Morning


If you’re as exercised as the bloggers whose outrage we reproduced yesterday over the red-and-yellow lighting of the Empire State Building today in honor of Red China’s 60th Anniversary, you may join Students for a Free Tibet, who will protest the 10 a.m. ceremony on the sidewalk in front of the building’s 34th Street entrance. Alternately, you can just yell on the internet.

Investor’s Business Daily takes a slightly softer approach: while denouncing the lights, they say, “Cynics call it recognition that the Chinese, who buy U.S. debt, now own us. But this looks more like a thoughtless confusion of China with its communist government, in perhaps the same impulse that prompts some to set up kitschy eateries bearing photos of Mao.” So perhaps conflict could be avoided by lighting the building green with a red trim.