Test Shows 0% Alcohol in Suspected Car-Kill Cop’s Blood; Lawyer Says DWI May Stick Anyway


There seems to be a problem with the DWI charge on which (along with vehicular manslaughter) police officer Andrew Kelly is being held in connection with the car death of a minister’s daughter on Sunday: blood tests taken from the suspect show zero percent alcohol. Commissioner Ray Kelly (no relation) says the seven-hour lag in getting blood from Officer Kelly — who refused a breathalyzer test (a practice the Staten Island Advance says is common among drink-driving cops when apprehended) — has no bearing on the reading. But a lawyer tells the Daily News prosecutors could still hang the DWI rap on Kelly. The paper cites non-scientific evidence: he admitted to draining a six-pack before getting behind the wheel and was found by officers at the scene to be slurring and stinking of booze.