The Triumph of Target: Pearl Jam’s Backspacer Is #1


Pearl Jam’s semi-self-released, Target- and indie-distributed Backspacer debuts at #1 this week, selling 190K copies its first week out. At the rumored $5 per CD the band is taking home off their new arrangement, one could imagine Vedder & Co. might well be popping a bottle of champagne right now. Although Kurt Cobain will still probably make more money this year. Anyway, this dethrones Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, which goes to #2 and around 904,000 copies sold total–dude will have to wait at least another week to go platinum. The rest of the top five? Three Day’s Grace, Whitney Houston, and Miley Cyrus. And up next? Paramore vs. Mariah. Only one of those voices is shot–just sayin’.