WSJ: New York 3rd Most Likely Destination for Noobs, Alas


The Wall Street Journal impanelled some experts to tell them where the kids were moving to once they got out of college. Their two first-place winners were Washington, D.C. (in hopes of jobs generated by socialist Obama, “America’s coolest boss,” and other Big Gummint outlets) and Seattle (“diverse high-tech sector, cultural life, access to rugged natural terrain and a strong university presence”). New York was in third place — still too high for us, as we discourage noobs, but it could be worse. Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber says come on down, kids, we aren’t losing that many jobs! Apparently the youngsters of Middlebury College really want to live here: one recent immigrant approved our “European lifestyle,” which we at first thought meant coffee bars and orgies, but she turned out to mean “a ‘walking city’ like Paris.” Of course, she lives in Manhattan, so her MetroCard expenses may be low.

The Journal helpfully includes the downside of coming to New York: “The city is still unaffordable for many, and the less-pricey suburbs can impose enervating commutes.” But we doubt that’ll discourage the trendoid trust-funders who have been setting our teeth on edge since PlanEat Thailand was a cafeteria. Portland (“West Coast hipness”) and Austin (“SXSW”) were the experts’ fourth and fifth choices.