Your Runoff Vote (If You Cast One) Worth $65.94 – $68.00


So for the few us who voted for Comptroller yesterday, what did our votes cost?

$65.94, it turns out.

The Board of Elections spent $15 million to mount yesterday’s primary runoff election, in which about 10% of the city’s Democrats voted. With the Associated Press reporting 227,489 votes cast, the people of New York paid $65.94 for each one as a scant handful of their fellow citizens chose John Liu over Daivd Yassky.

The Comptroller’s office already seems to be beating the Public Advocate in cost containment. The cost per vote to choose Bill de Blasio over Mark Green was even higher, at $68.00. Only 220,584 people voted for Public Advocate. (Apparently for several thousand voters, it was too much of an effort to flick that second button in the ballot booth, or they really just didn’t give a damn between de Blasio and Green).