Check Out His 12 Inch Freak!


Greg Scarnici is a New York satirist who’s made wicked fun of Aretha Franklin, Britney Spears, haters, and even the gays. His new comedy dance CD, 12 Inch Freak, is the logical next step for the man who says he’s amassed seven million YouTube hits with his spoofy videos. Before he takes aim at me, I decided to feature him in a Q&A.

Me: Hi, Greg. What in pop culture motivates you to be a satirist?

Scarnici: When celebrities take themselves too seriously and don’t realize how absurd they’ve become.

Me: I feel certain that’ll never happen to you. What’s the funniest thing on the CD?

Scarnici: It has to be my ridiculously small penis crammed into a leopard thong directly above the words, “12 Inch Freak.”

Me: How big is your freak, really?

Scarnici: According to my current Manhunt profile–and no one lies on those–8″, cut, and thick like a beer can–okay, I lied. Average, okay?

Me: Sure, good enough. What does your family think of what you do?

Scarnici: Who knows? They’re too busy talking about themselves, although my father once told me, “Thank God you weren’t born a girl because you make one hell of an ugly woman.”