Do You Live in a Building the Mobster Housing Guys “Inspected”?


Earlier today Tom Robbins wrote about how the mob has infiltrated the city’s Department of Buildings. The city arrested 29 people, including six former building inspectors and contractors who did business with the D.O.B.

A father-and-son duo, Frank Francomano and Carmine Francomano, Jr., were building inspectors who allegedly took bribes for granting building permits, expediting inspections, and avoiding building violations; they were also involved in narcotics trafficking, trafficking in prescription painkillers, and in managing an online gambling ring that took approximately $400 million dollars worth of bets since 2007. Papa Frank worked in the DOB’s Bronx Construction unit from January 2007 to May 2009, where he oversaw landlords’ compliance with the city’s building code. He prepared inspection reports, responded to inquiries, and looked into construction and repairs. Carmine was an inspection supervisor in Manhattan, where his job, among other things, was to ensure scaffolding safety.

So we thought we’d give our readers a heads-up of buildings where these men oversaw inspections (or rather, took bribes for turning a blind eye to safety violations):

If you live in one or know someone who does, you’d be wise to check your latest inspection report on the Department of Buildings website and make sure.

In Manhattan: (1) 110 Fulton Street; (2) 11 West 25th Street; (3) 316 West 51st Street; (4) 75 Wall Street; (5) 414 West 14th Street; (6) 80-82 University Place; (7) 565 West 23rd Street; (8) 1 East 35th Street; and (9) 283 Amsterdam Avenue.

In the Bronx: (10) 550 East 170th Street; (11) 3305 3rd Avenue; (12) 731 Southern Boulevard; (13) 6677 Broadway; (14) 341 and 343 East 149th Street; (15) 1-5 Teddy Place, a/k/a 3250 Rawlins Avenue; (16) 2520 Park Avenue; (17) 1975 Sedgwick Avenue; (18) 323 White Plains Road; and (19) 811 Walton Avenue.

If you know anyone who was injured in these buildings, drop us a line.