On The Animal Collective Remix Of “Love Like A Sunset,” By Phoenix, A Band Of Whom We Here At SOTC Are Perhaps Excessively Protective



Listen, we really like this song around hereno, seriously — and we thus regard any attempts to alter/improve it, however respectful and benevolent their intent, with profound suspicion. Particularly when Animal Collective is involved. But this has a nice, unobtrusive, hypnotic lilt, wisely avoiding any wayward attempt to replicate the song’s slow, inexorable, glorious crescendo and just heading straight for the climax, now chilled out and ethereal. Even when they start adding vocals, it doesn’t seem like as big a dick move as it might’ve been. So, in short: We will let you live, Animal Collective.

Unfortunately there’s a whole remix album afoot, and it’s very likely something therein will profoundly antagonize us. Early money in that regard is on “1901 Bo Flex’d (Passion Pit Remix).”