What’s The Best American Movie About Prosties?


Too cheap to pay for a whore? Well, you can always shell out the far more reasonable amount for a movie about a whore. Which one is most worth the cash?

Whore. A sort of good/bad Ken Russell film which, naturally, I adored.

Sweet Charity. Shirley MacLaine was just a taxi dancer in this musical based on a Fellini film, but you know what that means.

Pretty Woman. No one can laugh and cry at the same time like Julia Roberts–except for Diane Keaton.

Sonny. A weird piece of kitsch with James Franco as an escort who only goes gay when he has to.

American Gigolo. “A perverse flm devoted to perversity” said one redundant review.

Or Nuts. The bizarre Barbra Streisand film which I brilliantly dubbed Mentl.