Othello with Philip Seymour Hoffman Still Driving Audiences Out of the Theater


When Michael Feingold reported in his Voice review that “much” of the audience went “streaming for the exit at intermission” of the Peter Sellars production of Othello at NYU, which stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, we thought he must have just caught a disastrous press preview: surely the man who brought Figaro to Trump Tower and the Oscar-winning actor must have shaped things up by now. Alas, the Post conveys an report that Othello, which opened September 12, is still laying ’em in the aisles and out the door, and Sellars himself has been seen coming out at the end of the interval to ask playgoers to fill up the newly-vacated seats in the front.

Though some critics like Hoffman’s Iago, Feingold says the production features “a deaf ear to both the sense and the sound of the text” and “a cast ill-prepared and misguided, some trapped in absurd conflations of several roles…”