Posts of the Week


Ah, sweet Friday afternoon. Here’s a recap of the week’s best posts to send you into Saturday.

Our Man Sietsema rounded up the city’s 10 Best Wine Bars.

Battle of the Dishes pitted veggie dogs from Bark Hot Dogs and Crif Dogs against each other in a fight to the death.

Vegetarian Delights reveled in the splendor of pickled mushrooms and kebeer in Brighton Beach.

The Southwest of France has received a new designation as one of the country’s wine-producing regions.

Duane Reade is now pimping its own line of generic snack food.

Did Gary Regan coin the term ‘cocktailian’? Regan himself sheds some light on the question in the comments section.

Hot dogs have spawned their own body of food porn.

Counter Culture visited Island of Taiwan in Bay Ridge, and was happy to have made the journey.

Birch Coffee will be the city’s first LEED-certified coffee shop.

Saul Boulton chatted about his new restaurant, the Vanderbilt, and his possible plans for further expansion.

In anticipation of this weekend’s Cocktail Classic, Dave Wondrich talked about old and new drinks and the bartender education trend.

A field report from the Yom Kippur line at Russ & Daughters.

A recap of last weekend’s Vendy Awards.

Our Man Sietsema re-visited Beacon, and was suitably impressed.