Staten Island Man Shows Displeasure over Car Purchase with Baseball Bat, Threats (Updated)


What’s new on Staten Island? Well, there’s this guy, Jovan Ming, from West Brighton. After fleeing from the cops being in a car that fled police this summer in summer 2007 and getting put up on drug charges, he was arrested in connection with a September 9 shooting in his neighborhood and charged with second degree assault, menacing, reckless endangerment, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon. Apparently out on bail, or maybe exonerated — or maybe this is a different Jovan Ming of West Brighton; his number’s unlisted — Ming got into more trouble on September 11 when he allegedly remonstrated with a local car dealer over a purchase he’d made there, not by yelling or suing, but by smashing up a car with a baseball bat, breaking the windshield and dashing the body of an Acura (not his own) and telling the no doubt astonished dealer, “I’m going to kill you and burn your business,” for which he has been arrested and charged with felony and misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment.

Perhaps yet a third Jovan Ming of Staten Island (maybe who knows? It’s a funny world) has a lively MySpace page, on which the ladies give him much play.

Update: A commenter corrects the first charge: Ming was reportedly in the car when someone else fled, and was apprehended after the chase. Update 2: Also, that drug arrest was three summers ago. Time to increase our browser text size to “senior.”