The Blogroll Gazette: The Vendy Effect & What Will Padma’s Baby Look Like?


This week in food blogs…

Eat Me Daily noticed a food corp-funded ad that asks “When did the Big Apple become Big Brother?” meant as a response to the city’s “Pouring on the Pounds” ads.

The Food Section discovered that Kraft has hired a team of mom-bloggers to come up with Velveeta recipes.

A Hamburger Today offered its definitive guide to burger styles, from the slider to the steakhouse (and the mini, in between).

Eater sneaked a peak at The Standard’s Black Bar, designed by owner and hotel maven Andre Balazs himself.

Grub Street mused over what Padma Lakshmi’s mystery baby might look like… if the father were Toby Young, among others.

Midtown Lunch pondered the effects of a Vendy Award win on a food cart.

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