The EU Rejects Health Claims by Food Corps; PepsiCo Gears Up for ‘Massive Gatorade Transformation’


Seven people were arrested in a food stamp sting in Nassau County. Employees at five stores were involved in accepting food stamps as payment for prohibited items like cigarettes and alcohol, as well as giving cash kickbacks.

The Vegemite saga continues. Kraft has now released the options from which consumers can choose to rename the recently released iSnack 2.0. Of the 48,000 suggestions, the candidates are Cheesybite, Creamymate, Smooth, Snackmate, Vegemate, and Vegemild.

European scientific authorities have rejected dozens of health claims made by major food companies, such as a claim that special bacteria can help digestion and boost the immune system. A claim that sugar-free gum is good for teeth made the grade.
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PepsiCo, the world’s largest snack-food maker, plans to increase advertising spending next year, especially on Gatorade, for which it’s preparing a “massive… transformation” geared to athletes and various stages of their workout regime.

McSparseness is the distance between McDonald’s locations. Blogger and visual artist Stephen Von Worley came up with a map of locations to “gauge the creep of cookie-cutter commercialism.” Maximum McSparseness can be found in northwestern South Dakota.
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