Ted Willams’ frozen head: Alcor responds


Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the company involved in yesterday’s story about the misadventures of Ted Williams’ frozen head, responds:[Link updated]

October 2, 2009: The Alcor Life Extension Foundation denies the outrageous allegations against it that have appeared in the media this week. Alcor especially denies mistreating the remains of baseball great Ted Williams. Larry Johnson, the ex Alcor staff member who made these allegations, was not employed at Alcor when Williams was cryopreserved. Johnson’s previous attempts to profit from sensational and unfounded allegations against Alcor recently resulted in a court order prohibiting him from making further statements about Alcor. “Alcor is actively pursuing litigation regarding these allegations,” says Alcor Executive Director, Jennifer Chapman.

Johnson, who says he’s been hiding from Alcor-related death threats, will be appearing on Nightline on Tuesday when his book is released.