FBI raid on G20 Twitter anarchist seizes mercury, ammunition, and pictures of communists


U.S. District Court Judge Dora Irizarry has halted FBI examination of materials seized in a Thursday raid on the Queens home of Elliot M. Madison, who was arrested outside Pittsburgh during the G20 Summit for allegedly using social media to help protesters avoid police.

The FBI is said to have confiscated computers, cell phones, MP3 players; 11 gas masks, five pairs of goggles, a slingshot, four arm pads, eight face masks, a collection of test tubes, droppers, mortar and pestle and beakers, “metal triangles that are used to puncture tires” (caltrops), two boxes of ammunition, and a pound of liquid mercury.

They also confiscated “anarchist literature and books,” some of which Madison wrote, and pictures of Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. Martin Stolar, Madison’s lawyer, has moved to have materials seized in the raid returned on the grounds that they fall outside the scope of the warrant and are protected by the first amendment. Irrizary’s Friday ruling delays examination of the seized materials until Stolar’s motion is resolved.

According to the Post, the FBI did not confiscate “a collection of machetes, samurai swords and dagger,” because they didn’t fall within the terms of the warrant.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 4, 2009

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