Ghostface Killah Is Checking For the New Vampire Weekend


There must be a lot of celebrating going down in the old VW compound right about now. From yesterday’s Q+A in the Times, with Ghost and his manager Mike Caruso, an interview which took place inside a “parked S.U.V. around midnight recently”:

Q: Vampire Weekend is a group you said you liked. How’d you first hear about them?

MR. CARUSO: My son, he’s 15, left his iPod in the car, and that was on it.

GHOSTFACE: You know how kids be, they on [stuff] before you be on [stuff]. But he knew what he was talking about. The beat was like something I never heard before. It was interesting. It sounded like they could’ve had have some Jamaican in it. I try to listen to all music with an open head, a clear head, try not to say just because I don’t know it, it’s weak.

Also endorsed: Billy Joel, Springsteen, Pink, and the production on Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” about which Ghost says “That beat might be one of the best beats I heard in years. Forget what he said on it, let’s talk about the beat.” From over here, that looks a lot like a shot: Jay might have to let Ezra and the gang know who still runs things in this city. Otherwise we’re just going to have to assume he’s handing over the crown.

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