New Venue Report: South Williamsburg’s The Woods


Nestled beneath the Williamsburg Bridge (a charming view) (no, really), long-rumored nightlife spot the Woods finally opened its doors Friday night to an overwhelming response. Located at 48 South 4th Street, the bar has no sign over the door; a set of stairs and swarm of people was the only indications of its existence. (Despite all the buzz, no one was sure where–or what–this place would actually be.) When we arrived at 9 p.m., a sign read “free beer ’til we run out.” The crowd we had to fight through to try and get some was understandably dense.

Any new place is at least initially welcome in club-friendly Williamsburg, and the Woods will be no exception, boasting a long bar with plenty of space, some casual lounge-type seating, a small stage and DJ setup, and a huge backyard lit by strings of bulbs. Most impressive is the Metropolitan Ave. taco truck they managed to relocate out back to serve up $2 tacos (they’ve moved in for good, we hope). DJ Rok One was on the decks for the affair–the mix of New Jack Swing and post-punk that drifted over the dull roar of idle chatter may become the norm here. “We want this to be a multi-functional space,” said co-owner James Tadic. “A place where we can have bands, DJs, and other community-based events like talent shows and stuff.”

The space came about when four friends (and co-owners)–Tadic (a part-owner of nearby Savalas), Jason Radich (an expert woodworker and former Portland-area clubs/booking guy), Matt Relkin (a local artist and musician), and David Rosen–saw the need for a “neighborhood bar” in the area. They handled all the construction themselves (including the bar itself) and plan to commission local artists for an outside mural that changes every few months. “I wanted this to be my place,” said Relkin. “A place where I can hang out when I’m not working. We want everyone to feel that way here.”