Peyser Calls for Letterman’s Head on Grounds of Something or Other


While other Post writers ply a more wonkish trade — former Clinton-care killer Betsy McCaughey, for example, offers a detailed analysis of Obama’s “‘Kill Granny’ Bill” in today’s issue — Andrea Peyser mans the soapbox and calls for David Letterman to be fired for having affairs with women on his staff. “He chose to sleep with junior staffers rather than take the standard route and walk to the corner bar to conduct a sad, ordinary affair,” Peyser argues, though the Wall Street Journal has offered evidence that actually Dave was taking the conventional route here. Peyser calls Letterman a “time bomb,” ready to explode on or into the women who “flirt mightily with the man,” an unacceptable state of affairs for some reason.

Perhaps aware that she’s not giving the D.A. of Derangementville much to go on, Peyser next pulls out a reminder of the summer controversy over Letterman’s Sarah Palin daughter jokes, which she had previously tried to spread to Conan O’Brien before citizens’ rage abated. Finally she tries what rhetoricians call the Appeal to Babble: CBS allegedly hates the talk show host because he “whined,” and here’s their chance their chance to get revenge on him and bring in a proven audience-getter like Chevy Chase. We’ve always suspected network executives were motivated by incomprehensible pique, but are they as motivated by it as New York Post scolds? Stay tuned!