Schnitzel & Things Price Hike Illustrates the Real Cost of Street Food


Vendrification” may have entered the edible lexicon, but just because a new, artisanally-inclined wave of food trucks is redefining the way people think of street food, fancier food isn’t synonymous with fancier finances. To wit: as Midtown Lunch reports, Schnitzel & Things, the much-publicized, Vendy Award-winning purveyor of quality fried meats, has raised its prices by $1. The reason, more or less, is because making food from scratch in a commercial kitchen is expensive. And, says co-owner Oleg Voss in a letter he sent to ML, “[s]ince we did hire new staff, it is our personal belief that they deserve a living wage, which in the restaurant business is rarely seen.” A living wage in the restaurant industry? That’s even more novel than, well, selling schnitzel out of a truck in Midtown.

In related news, Schnitzel’s new burger has a permanent place on its menu beginning today.