The Decade Is Ending! Help Me Define It!


Yes, the aughts (a/k/a the ‘0s) are coming to a close in a few months, and every media outlet in the word is scrambling to drum up a clever way to sum them up. What do you make of the decade that brought us 9/11, fancy coffee, social networking, movie trilogies, bombed starlets, reality shows, dead movie stars, and the great depression?

No, I really want to know, because–truth be told–I’m one of those media people! I’m currently digging into my addled brain to define the decade so I can regurgitate it back to you in some kind of trenchant essay by the end of the year. So help me, people! Do me this one favor!

Tell me a snappy catch phrase that says “aughts” without saying “aughts”! Was it the “me-me-me-me” decade?