Who Should Get a Special Oscar?


It was recently announced that Lauren Bacall, Roger Corman, and Gordon Willis will receive honorary Academy Awards at the telecast next year, and I’m applauding with both hands this time.

But who would you pick for such an honor? I feel it should always be presented to people who are alive and who’ve never won before (though if they suddenly decided to award trophies to fabulous dead icons like Garbo or Marilyn, I’d hardly stand in their way.)

Supposedly they won’t give one to Doris Day because she wouldn’t show up to accept it, and that’s a gosh darned shame.

So my top choice would have to be–and I am completely serious about this–John Waters. He’s a real maverick who bucked the system and ended up changing lives and influencing movie comedy more than any other auteur of the modern age. And his speech alone would be the shit.