Will You Be Jacko or Madoff For Halloween?


Halloween approacheth and I’m finally ready to leave the house again to enjoy it after suffering last year’s scary array of Sarah Palins.

So what will the most prevalent costumes be this time? I’m guessing that, since it was the year of dead celebrities, the streets will turn into a veritable zombieland of the faux famous.

Tons of people will be cutting off their noses to spite their faces and moonwalking around as ghoulish Michael Jacksons. There might also be a couple of dirty dancing Patrick Swayzes, one or two windswept Farrah Fawcetts, and the very occasional Ed McMahon.

And if you’re fat and unattractive enough, you can always trek around as Bernie Madoff, ripping everyone off when they’re not looking.

But the kids, of course, will be festively dressed as their own zombie icons–the Twilight stars and the Jonas Brothers.

Who will you be? More importantly, where will you be?