21 Days Later, Nunes Concedes to Thomas White in Council Race


Last week Lynn Nunes, who lost his Democratic nomination race against longtime incumbent Queens councilmember Thomas White by just four votes in the September 15 primary, told us he was challenging the result in court. The sticking point was affidavit ballots Nunes’ people felt were improperly excluded. Today Nunes gave it up. “I have decided this race has come to an end,” he said in a statement today, “and I would like to congratulate Thomas White Jr. and extend a hand to help turn this community into the best it can be.” That leaves the incumbent death toll in this year’s city council primary races at five — Maria Baez, Alan Gerson, Kendall Stewart, Helen Sears, and Ken Mitchell — though there were a few close calls. (Karen Koslowitz kept the Democratic nomination but her challenger, Lynn Schulman, will run against her on the WFP line in November,)