Another Mackenzie Phillips Rape Incident


I’m reading High on Arrival, the much ballyhooed memoir of TV actress Mackenzie Phillips, and feeling certain I’ll never complain about my boring childhood ever again.

All the press attention, of course, has been on Mackenzie’s supposed rape by her father, John Phillips, and the years of “consensual incest” that followed.

But Mackenzie says she was raped another time and dad came to her rescue afterwards! When she was a young teen, she and some friends hitchhiked with a guy who ended up putting a knife to her throat, separating her from the group, and raping her while declaring, “I’m going to fucking kill you, you white bitch.”

He didn’t, but later, when papa John heard about the incident and who’d done it, he packed a shotgun and disappeared for a day and a half, clearly out for some vigilante justice.

“I have no idea what happened,” writes Mackenzie, “and I never asked.” But she was actually thrilled that her father seemed to care about her for a change!