Fuck Princess Leia!


That’s what Carrie Fisher urges you to do at her one-woman Broadway show Wishful Drinking, in which she toasts her messy past with Coke Zero.

At one point, Carrie reminisces about her Star Wars merchandise–like a life-sized, sexy Princess Leia doll, which promptly descends onto the stage, looking like a very hot and fuckable space chick.

She then urges an audience member to come up, pull out his penis, and shtup the doll (mainly because Carrie’s often been told to “Go fuck yourself,” but she’d rather have someone else do it.)

The night I saw the show, the guy actually started reaching for his crotch, but–fortunately for his reputation–the doll was quickly raised up and sent to another galaxy. So Carrie gave him a whole other assignment: To wear the Princess Leia buns for a second and see if the hairdo she detests so vehemently looks stupid on everyone.

He tried it on. It did.