Had Your Fill of Cupcakes? Stuff Yourself Silly With Cannolis at Stuffed Artisan Cannolis


For those of us who have been longing desperately for the end of the cupcake reich, salvation may have finally arrived in the form of a crispy, fried, tubular pastry shell stuffed with a sweet creamy filling.

Cannolis have landed on the Lower East Side in a small, unassuming shop on Stanton Street, just off an increasingly crowded Clinton Street. Stuffed Artisan Cannolis started as a food cart parked on Mulberry & Hester, and set up permanent shop last week with a gleaming display case of its signature mini cannolis. At three for $5, they’re a good deal, especially for anyone who feels that a full-size cannolo is too much tube to handle.

But how do they taste?

Although Stuffed boasts 30 flavors, their best is the classic: a whipped ricotta filling dotted with the crunch of chocolate chips. Other flavors we sampled include Pumpkin Pie, Candy Corn, Birthday Cake, and Pistachio. The Birthday Cake tasted a little artificial, and the Candy Corn, though fun to boot, wasn’t quite distinct enough (unless you bit into one of the candy corn kernels in the filling). But the Pumpkin Pie and Pistachio were both delicious and easily discernible. The tubes are not stuffed to order, as they are in old-school cannoli shops, but the shells manage to stay satisfyingly crunchy in the display cases.

Co-owner Anthony Fontana, who grew up going to Rocco’s and Ferrara, says he wants to keep experimenting with flavor combinations. Expect a slew more flavors, including a liquor line, a chocolate line (complete with chili chocolate and bacon chocolate), and a tea line of flavors. Oh, and expect he and business/life partner Brielle Dahan to tie the knot soon, too.