Kelly Choi, Frank Bruni Go Back to J-School: Bruni Discusses New Media, Choi Loves Fudge


Frank Bruni and Kelly Choi spoke last Thursday before an audience of wannabe hacks at Columbia University’s School of Journalism, which they both attended — Bruni, class of ’88; Choi, ’99. Bruni echoed a statement he recently made here on Fork in the Road: “I think it [new media journalism] has been a positive development… [but] I get concerned with people equating user content with more traditional journalism — when you’re reading Chowhound… You don’t know if you’re reading a review by the relative of the owner of a restaurant.”

Choi — she of such enlightening Tweets as: “Beauteous day ahead, happiness..making cardamom coffee, munching on crusty bagel stuffed with egg salad”; “Top chef masters ratings up up up and rockin!! The Master chefs rooooool…. Tx so much!!!”; and “Guys? If a hot chick eats like a beast, does it turn u on? Lol” — had this to offer, as the secret behind her success: “I’m just a gal who likes fudge.”