Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Back…Shyne


Shyne, the 30-year-old rapper born Jamal Barrow (and who, after a jailhouse conversion to Judaism, now goes by the legal name Moses Michael Leviy), is set to get out of prison today, after serving 9 years on attempted murder charges. Barrow was part of Diddy’s entourage that fateful night at Club New York in 1999 when the whole club turned into a shooting gallery and at the young age of 21, the rapper ended up taking the charge. While Shyne was in jail, Diddy pretty much abandoned him, though they’ve since made peace. Within limits: “I don’t have anything to do with his personal business or his career,” Combs told AllHipHop. “As far as our relationship, only time will tell.” That’s cold right there. We hear Jay-Z has a label just dying for new artists, though–especially ones that have been known to sound like the second coming of Biggie Smalls, as the slight but raspy-voiced Barrow famously does.