Not Dead Yet? Thompson Only 8 Points Down on Bloomberg, Poll Says


This is remarkable, considering the hopelessness that has become attached to the campaign to unseat Mayor Bloomberg, but PolitickerNY reports that a SurveyUSA poll shows Bill Thompson just eight points down. Last time we checked, Quinnipiac had Bloomberg up by 16. (In July the spread was shown to be ten points.)

The poll is not so fresh that the recent endorsements of Thompson by Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand could be considered a factor — though perhaps these worthies got advance notice of the uptick and were thus encouraged to step up.

Of course, Bloomberg has just received the endorsement of various progressive leaders, including SEIU’s Dennis Rivera (“We need experienced leadership and I believe that trumps everything”). And only today voters were alerted that Thompson altered the New York skyline on his flyers. Time for Bloomberg to spend another million bucks! That ought to bring expectations back in line with conventional wisdom.