Rent is Too Damn High Party Loses Key Word on Ballot


As you might imagine, Jimmy McMillan, mayoral candidate of the Rent is Too Damn High Party, has a taste for the quixotic. So when the Board of Elections requested that he shorten the name of his party for the November ballot — as at least one other candidate has done — for space purposes, McMillan refused. So the Board shortened it for him, removing the word “Damn.” The candidate is annoyed, and at his own web site (warning: loud music) suggests that the Board picked the word for exclusion for moral reasons. “Damn is not considered a bad word in today’s society,” he argues. “It is just like saying darn it if you were to say damn it,” and adds, “They are not going to get away with this anymore, not without a court fight. To the NYC Board of Elections I say; Let’s Get It On.” We wait breathlessly for his next move.