Whoopi Goldberg to Appear at Anti-Rape Benefit


Whoopi Goldberg will appear on October 20 at the Women of the Congo Benefit at the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue. The event is billed as “A Night to Benefit Survivors of Sexual Violence in the Congo”; proceeds will benefit The City of Joy, an all-female village in the Congo where local victims of the national rape epidemic may recuperate. The timing is a little unfortunate for Goldberg, who was recently forced to clarify her comments on the Roman Polanski affair. The entertainer had said that Polanski’s alleged crime did not constitute “rape-rape,” by which she said she meant that Polanski was alleged to have committed statutory rape rather than some other variant. (The 1977 deposition of the then-13-year-old with whom Polanski is accused of whatever kind of rape appears here.) Eve Ensler will also appear at the fundraiser. Photo (cc) David Shankbone.


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