Broadway Dish From Bebe Neuwirth and Alice Ripley


Last week, I went to a “Leading Ladies” panel, taped for American Theatre Wing’s Working in the Theatre show, and got some interesting tidbits from the talking Tony winners.

Alice Ripley said that when you’re doing a revival and someone before you has played the part really well, the only smart thing to do is pickpocket the good stuff. (“Amateurs copy, professionals steal.”)

Bebe Neuwirth complained that because she’s funny, she never gets cast as a serious romantic interest–at which point Ripley playfully pretended to ask her out.

And Laura Benanti–Tony winner for Gypsy–said she never goes to the stage door to greet her fans because she’s afraid of catching germs!

Before you think she’s a little wacky, let me tell you that Benanti also said she knew she wanted to go into performing when she was a young girl and saw Alice Ripley’s amazing back.

I’ll have more in the column.