Burger King Revamps, Beefs Up Image


No longer content to wallow in the crowded fast-food gutter, Burger King is moving on up to the fast-casual realm, at least on the surface. The corporation announced today that it’s planning a massive image overhaul of its 12,000 locations, complete with red flame chandeliers, touchscreen menus, and lots of shiny corrugated metal and brick walls. The idea, apparently, is to induce diners to sit down, rather than fleeing in horror, greasy paper bags in hand. The cost of creating the mid-90s faux-hipster bachelor loft look will run franchise owners $300,000-$600,000 per location. BK’s Chairman and CEO, John Chidsey, told the AP that the look is “more contemporary, edgy, futuristic…It feels so much more like an upscale restaurant.” You can put lipstick on a pig…

[Via Eat Me Daily]