Crazy Yankee Chick: Previewing Game 1 of the ALDS


My hands have been shaking all day. And probably will continue to do so for the remainder of the postseason. I’ve been reduced to little more than a teething infant.

And it’s only Game 1.

Sweet Christ.

Tonight, the Yankees pit their best and widest CC Sabathia (18-8, 3.37) against the Twins 3rd best, 3rd blandest Brian Duensing (5-2, 3.64), whose history against New York is less than terrifying (2.2 innings of relief, 13.50 ERA, 53 pitches.)

As unintimidating as these numbers are, there’s one number that I do find more unsettling: FIVE. As in, 5-game series. I’m as comfortable with the ALDS as I am when I run into an old acquaintance and never know whether to do the passing “Oh, hi!” or to stop and chitchat.

When it comes to this Duensing character, DON’T BE OVEREAGER. Not that I’m one to talk, but let’s stay level-headed [read: sit on pitches, wear him out, tee off].

This series is going to be decided by how well Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and our 1-2-3 starters fare. Simple as that. Call it momentum or energy or fire, but as invigorating as their 12-inning walk-off win may have been for the Twins last night, the Yankees are pushing a power play on them.

This is the absolute most prime opportunity to capitalize on their full-rest and the Twins unquestionably worn-out staff. I’m essentially scared shitless that the Yankees decide to do one of those “Eh, let’s wait til the 8th inning before we fire on all cylinders” cute moves.

As for right now, I’m going to go quietly sip gin in the corner of my office now. One fluid ounce for every time I have to read “$161 million” attached to CC’s name.

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