Huh? Barbra Streisand Is #1


Streisand, who sold 180,000 copies of Love Is the Answer this past week, solidifies her lead as the female act with the most #1s all time, according to Billboard. But the truly satisfying news belongs to Paramore: the band’s third record, Brand New Eyes, sold 175,000 copies to claim the second spot. That beats the hell out of the 42K they sold their first week out back in 2008, when Riot! was released, and puts some muscle behind the title Ryan Dombal bestowed upon the band’s Hayley Williams in this week’s Voice: emo’s first legitimate female star. Mariah, who might have to have some words with The-Dream about his inexplicable attempt to ruin her career, clocked 168,000, good enough for #3. And oh, the agony — The Blueprint 3 shipped 89K, which when added to Jay’s last week total of 904,000, doesn’t…quite…mean…platinum.