Media Suddenly Becomes Aware of Anti-War Protesters


For a long while, unless you had close to millions of them at one time, the papers didn’t like to notice anti-war protesters much. Who cares about dirty hippies anymore, anyway? And isn’t that Cindy Sheehan pathetic?

But the hippies are back in vogue now. “For Anti-War Protesters, the Cause Isn’t Lost,” says the Washington Post front-pager chronicling an anti-war protest in front of the White House in which 62 people were arrested on Monday, some wearing the sort of face paint, costumes and activities that were thought risible just a few scant years ago. (Even rightblogger Tim Graham is annoyed: How come everyone’s paying attention to them? Lookit us! Tea Party roolz!)

“Protests to mark 8th year of Afghan war,” says the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “President Obama Disappoints the Left” says the Star-Ledger. TV news shows hurriedly shove inserts of protesters into their war coverage. And look, Cindy Sheehan’s back! She was among those arrested in D.C. Monday, and vows to stay in the city to help end the war.

Maybe it’s Man Bites Dog — anti-war protesters traditionally attack only Republicans and are supposed to love Obama for some reason nobody remembers. Or maybe it’s an intramural thing with the rightbloggers: Okay, nerds, you want more coverage of Obama critics? Here — die-ins at the White House! Now go talk about the Olympics some more.