Mugger of 101-Year-Old Found Guilty of Hate Crimes, Could Get 90 Years; Rightblogger Objects


For a mugger, Jack Rhodes is pretty famous: He was featured on America’s Most Wanted because of his propensity to target elderly women. After a lengthy prosecution, Rhodes was finally convicted yesterday of multiple muggings, including one performed on a 101-year-old, which fractured her cheekbone. Rhodes, 47, was also convicted of taking down an 85-year-old and a 51-year-old. The prosecution said he told the 85-year-old, “What’s the matter, mommy? You look scared. Don’t be scared. I like to help old people” before he robbed her. Rhodes’ crimes are so repulsive that a Facebook groups called Jack Rhodes is a Horrible Person was founded in his dishonor…

The jury determined that the two elder victims made Rhodes guilty of hate crimes because he was presumed to have picked his victims on the basis of their age. With that tacked onto his conviction, he could get up to 90 years. David Kramer of Lew objects: “Will some LRC reader please write to me to give me an example of a ‘love’ crime (rape*, perhaps?)” before adding, “*I’m being facetious about rape.”