Appleman Serves Up a Few Pulino Morsels


Keith McNally’s forthcoming venture, Pulino’s, has courted a level of anticipation seldom seen since, well, his last venture, Minetta Tavern. In an interview with, Nate Appleman stokes the flames of desire with some more details about the place:

“Pulino’s is not going to be just a pizzeria – that’s the best part about it. I didn’t want people to get their expectations really high, and that’s why we’re going with the pizzeria name, but we are going to be offering a lot of different things. We are going to have two wood-fired ovens, and we are going to have a butchering room, so we are going to be able to do whole animals. I plan on bringing in whole cows, for example. I’m not sure if many people are doing that in New York, so that’s one thing that will surely set us apart.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 8, 2009


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