Bloomberg Pulls Gun Show Sting; “No Fair,” Say ACORN Sting Fans


Mayor Bloomberg brought his nannying touch to gun shows around Ohio, Nevada and Tennessee, where he found guns being sold to buyers — or, rather, undercover agents pretending to be buyers — who admit they probably couldn’t pass a legally-required background check, which is sort of like a kid going into a bar and saying, “If you looked at my license, you’d probably see the number 13 where it says ‘age,'” and getting served anyway, except the kid can’t take the beer away and drown someone with it.

The Mayor reveals this in the city’s hotshot “Gun Show Undecover” page, and in a related Huffington Post article, in which he tells the world that he did the sting, not for ratings, but because “I have no other choice.. even though we have the nation’s toughest law against illegal possession of a loaded handgun, drug dealers and criminals continue to obtain guns from inter-state traffickers. According to ATF, 89% of guns used in crimes in New York City last year originated out of state”…

In a delightful irony of the sort these stings tend to produce, conseravtives who approved the ACORN sting involving a rightwing reporter pretending to be a pimp ,and defended him against prosecution, now suggest that Bloomberg sting is illegal and should be prosecuted. “Didn’t he or his lawyers break the law the last time they did this?” says Alphecca. “Hey Bloomberg,” bellows Parrothead Jeff, “How About You Leave the FREE STATES the Hell ALONE and FOLLOW THE LAW???”

Once again, we are forced to take the side of our nannying mayor just because the yahoos are lined up against him. Nice trick, you bastard!