Charlize Has OCD! Crack Out The Purell!


Oscar winner Charlize Theron is the latest boldface name to admit she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, an anxiety ailment which plagues so many people that I’m starting to worry about it!

Most celebrities stress out about things in closets, but Charlize says she frets about stuff left in cabinets and how messy it all must be! She actually loses sleep over this kooky obsession!

And non Oscar winner Howie Mandel admits he’s afraid of shaking people’s hands because you can catch germs from that (not to mention catching stalkers). What’s more, his head is shaved bald because he feels that’ll make him cleaner! And I always thought it was a fashion statement!

Add to that big-haired Howard Stern‘s tapping-the-radio-dial ritual and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s old sidewalk skipping routine and…No, wait. It sounds like I’m rattling off a list, which is a little too uncomfortably…you know.