City Poised to Swallow Even More Pizza


In the last several months, nary a day has gone by without news of yet another pizzeria that will teach us philistines the true meaning of authentic/artisanal/authorized wood/coal/brick- oven pizza. Today is no exception: not only are Grimaldi’s founders Pat and Carol Grimaldi planning to open a new pizzeria, but the Artichoke guys are going to open an actual sit-down restaurant. Per Eater, the Grimaldis, who are no longer involved with the seminal DUMBO storefront that bears their name, are looking for a 1,500-2,500 square foot space to open Juliana’s, where “truly authentic New York-style pizza” will be made in an artisanal coal-brick oven. Artichoke’s Tony Basille and Frances Garcia already have a location for their proposed 80-seat restaurant: the former Red Rock West space on the corner of 17th Street and Tenth Avenue.

Regardless of one’s feelings about pizza proliferation, you’ve got to hand it to the Artichoke guys: having already cornered the stomachs of the East Village bar crowd, they’re almost certain to replicate that success with the roving club rats of the Meatpacking District. Cocaine and crab pies all around!