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GOP, NRA Scaring Rubes with Ethnic New Yorker


Aw, cute. In support of Bob McDonnell, a Republican running for governor of Virginia, the NRA has emitted this ad in which a heavily-accented wiseguy, who makes ample use of his hands when he talks, tells the simple country folk that “our New York Bloomberg came down here to take away some of your Virginia gun rights” but “your guy, Bob McDonnell, kicked him out of Virginia” — a newsworthy event we somehow missed; did he use a shootin’ ahrn, or just tar, feathers, and a rail? The wiseguy “strongly suggests” that Virginians “forget about your freedoms and your Mr. Second Amendment Bob McDonnell. I want you to do it for New York — if you know what’s good for you.” Guess the post-9/11 we-are-all-New-Yorkers bullshit is over for good.

Next week: a gold-fronted rapper tells Virginians, yo, him and Bloomberg will come down and bust a cap in their ass if they don’t get McDonnell to chill, knowmsayin’? And then a Puerto Rican will steal their cars.


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