Guy Fieri Descends on Doyers Street


Earlier this afternoon, a friend of FiTR was sipping a complimentary cup of tea and waiting for an order of fried shrimp noodles at Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodle Inc. when a woman nearby began gesticulating wildly, yelling, “food star! Food star!” Sitting at a booth with some equally well-padded cronies was none other than Guy Fieri, who was quickly surrounded by a crowd comprised mainly of women. “There was a lot of back-slapping and laughing,” the friend reports. “People who were slurping soup and downing noodles all looked up and started laughing, and so did the waitresses.” The whole thing lasted a few minutes before the crowd exited onto Doyers Street and Fieri was left to his own devices, which presumably meant resuming his slack-jawed stupor under the cover of his 3-D glasses.