Kwik Meal Family Tree to Sprout an Italian Branch


Kwik Meal kebab maven and Vendy nominee Muhammed Rahman has four food carts, all of which serve some iteration of his famous lamb and white sauce. But it looks like Rahman is planning to add Alfredo sauce to his repertoire: as Midtown Lunch reports, he’s going to turn Kwik Meal 4 into an Italian food cart. The jump from pita to pasta isn’t as strange as it would first appear: Rahman serves the latter at his pizza place in Harlem. But the logistics of serving fresh pasta from a street cart are somewhat confounding; while frying schnitzel or flipping crepes seems reasonable enough, a cart would seem to offer neither the space nor the equipment to turn out non-mushy noodles. Will the pasta be par-boiled? Will the sauce be jarred or fresh? Carbophilic Midtown workers await the answer.