New York #1 in Airport Delays!


Yay, we’re number one — not only in road rage and marijuana arrests, but in air travel delays! “The New York metropolitan area stands in its own category when it comes to poor on-time performance,” says a new Brookings Institution report.

We have the worst arrival delay percentages (30 percent), one of the worst departure delay percentages (21.7 percent), and the worst average arrival delay time for flights landing at least 15 minutes late (nearly 69 minutes). And this fucks everybody else up; Brookings found “the New York metropolitan area was responsible for six of the ten largest domestic corridors,” and our airport congestion accounted for “13.9 percent of all annualized NAS delays across the country in June 2009″…

Maybe it’s ’cause we’re so popular! Places like Salt Lake City, where no one wants to go, do great in this survey. Did you know that the busiest corridor in the United States in annualized miles is between our metro area and Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach? Clearly rappers, cocaine dealers, and elderly Jews are at the forefront of our airport delay menace. Yet where would we be without them?

Brookings’ recommendations are as expected — “the federal government must address these implications and implement targeted reforms,” etc — but we think if the coke dealers could get together with the pilots and airline crews, we could have this thing licked in no time. Photo (cc) scallega.