Your Wedding Song?


Let’s pretend you’re straight–or if you’re not, you’re living in a state where those kind of people can get married. You’ll find that the most important thing about the big day–even more so than what to wear–becomes the wedding song.

It’s the three-minute bit of audio that defines you as a couple and hangs over your relationship like a bossanova (which is probably preferable to hanging over you like a punk anthem or heavy metal screech).

Of course if you decide you want “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twister Sister as your wedding song, by all means, go for it.

Maybe Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” would be even cuter–way more interesting than the usual drek like “Endless Love” or “You Light Up My Life.”

My choice? It would be “When I First Saw You” from Dreamgirls, which is admittedly a showtune, but not a totally overdone and obvious one.

And now that I’ve got my song, I’ve got to go out and find me a husband. And more importantly, an outfit!