A New Food Network On the Way; Julia Child Contemporary Charlotte Snyder Turgeon Dies


Scripps Networks has plans to launch a cooking-focused TV channel next year, called the Cooking Channel, that will replace Fine Living. The company has a growing appetite for food programming following a joint venture to bring the Food Network to Europe.
[Wall Street Journal]

New Jersey can now use their federally subsidized food checks for whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Hispanic mothers can now buy tortillas with the vouchers, and mothers with children with allergies can buy soy products.
[NY Star Ledger]

An interview with Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien reveals that she is yet another food personality who struggled with overeating at a young age, but she’s “not an emotional eater in any way. [She] just love[s] food.”
[NY Times]

TripAdvisor has launched a monthly “Go/No Go Index” to indicate where tourists should eat in a particular city. New York’s index says to “go” to Whym in Hell’s Kitchen, but that Penelope in Murray Hill is a “no go.”
[USA Today]

Charlotte Snyder Turgeon, whose cookbooks helped popularize French cuisine even before Julia Child’s, died recently at age 97. Turgeon went to school with Child at Smith College, back in 1934.
[NY Times]